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One of my mugs:
architectural detail is enough decoration for most functional work.
Detail like this can make the difference in whether your mug becomes a favorite for its owner.
The handle is proportional to the size of a standard hand as a matter of function
and is repeated in the beads toward the base as structural decoration.

This basket form is decorated with chinese brush painting.
I made the pot and then collaborated with Hsi-Mei Yates, of Taipei, Taiwan.
She has painted for about 25 years and worked as a
pottery and porcelain painter for five years in Taiwan before moving to America.
She lives in Virginia and works as an artist,
selling her watercolor on rice paper paintings.
She has been my teacher in painting. The techniques are
different than any that I had learned and some of the methods
of painting on pottery still don't seem like
they should work, but they do.
Below are two more samples of our collaborative work.
The decoration follows the form.
If you have never worked with someone else to form a piece of art,
you should try it; you find out a lot about yourself and
find that you have strengths and weaknesses as an artist that
you could never discover on your own.

An iris vase.

A bird/wisteria plate.

I enjoy making mugs of all kinds: individual, whimsical, and standard for daily use. . .

Bottles from 3 inches high for herbs to 14 inches high for making music. . .

Large sculptural bowls 18 inches across with monumental wet drape decoration. . .

Serving platters 20 inches across with glaze landscape designs. . .

Gas fired traditional vases. . .

Raku work made with my husband (he glazed it)...

Colored clay thrown together to form marble effects from the clay itself. . .

Painterly effects with underglazes. . .

Sea theme designs to reflect my living environment, the Atlantic Shore. . .

And vessels for daily use in a very personal set of dishes.

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